Vanity: World's Greatest Optical Illusion

"Vanity": an optical illusion

W A R N I N G: - - First, be assured the image you are about to see contains no pornography or objectionable content of any kind, and is appropriate for viewing by persons of any age. Quite to the contrary, you will see a handsome Victorian drawing. The image is straighforward and simple: there is no animation, no Java, no frames, no special effects of any kind.

. . . . . Nonetheless, the illusionary experience produced is moderately horrifying, and may not be appropriate for more sensitive viewers. Should you choose to proceed, in order to experience the illusion at its best you must follow these instructions PRECISELY.

. . . . . Position your eyes level with and centered on the screen, and much closer than normal, no more than 12" from a 14" or 15" screen. From this position, carefully observe the illustration which will appear when you click on "Go" below. Take your time and examine all the details of the picture, but do not change your position. When you have seen enough, close your eyes and turn away from the monitor. Then open your eyes and walk away from your computer, but be sure not to glance back at the screen. Find a position at the far end of the room, or possibly the next room, from which you can view the computer screen--the farther away the better. Then turn and look, and you will see . . . something different . . . and please remember, it's only a picture -- it can't hurt you. Now prepare yourself, come closer and... GO!

Optical Illusion

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